Which Lil Kesh’s Song is Your Favorite?

Since his emergence on the scene, Keshinro Ololade popularly known as Lil Kesh, has churned out hits upon hits to the delight of his fans.

Today, he turned a year older and we couldn’t be more happier for him.

So to all his fans, if you had to pick one out of the 5 hit songs we listed above, which would it be?

Djinee Makes Comeback With Magical Acoustics On A3 Sessions

Legendary musician Djinee is making quite the comeback! He was very popular in the back in the days, with household anthems like ‘Overkilling’, ‘I No Dey Shame’, ‘Lade’ and of course his breakthrough song ‘Ego’.

Years passed and he went underground, and everyone wondered if Ego leaving him did that serious damage. But in November, the now-buff singer made a helluva comeback with a record titled ‘Shout Out To My Lover’ that was very well received by fans and haters alike.

A lot has changed about Djinee, not in the least his physique and fashion sense (did you pree his hair?), but one thing that hasn’t changed is his undeniable talent: if anything, that got much better. It’s clear that Djinee intends to age like fine wine, and whether or not he succeeds is left to be seen.

Djinee recently gave a mad acoustic session that makes us sure that he’s gotten over that ‘Ego’.


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